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Smart Mirror

My goal is to use a raspberry pi to program a screen in order to make a smart mirror. It will contain information such at the time, date, upcoming calendar events and the weather in the area. Additionally, LED lights around the boarder of the miror will change color from warm to cool based on the temprature.

Cydnee Hackley Upper School Electrical Engineering Incoming Sophmore

IMG_3596 Final Product

Final Milestone

My third and final milestone was assembling my mirror. To do so I used a hot glue gun to attatch the monitor to the glass and then I proceeded to tape my LED lights along the edge. What was supposed to be my easiest and quickest milestone turned into a disaster when my raspberry pi stopped working. Luckily i was able to order a new one just in time and I spent hours restoring my project to its original state. I am proud of everything I accomplished.

Cydnee Milestone 3 Final Milestone

Second Milestone

My second milstone was finishing adding all of my unique modules. To add all the information I wanted to my monitor, I used the react app to write diffrent sections of code in Javascript making each module function. My mirror displays the date, time, weather, and it features changing LED lights according to the numerical temprature (warm colors for warm weather and cooler colors for cold weather). This milestone took the longest time by far because I basically made the modules from scratch and I had little to no expiriance with coding something like this.

Second Milestone Second Milestone

First Milestone

IMG_3528 Rasberry Pi Setup

My first milestone was setting up and hooking up the Raspberry Pi and all the necessary components onto my monitor. The heatsinks the sd card with the linux operating system were added to ensure that the Raspberry Pi was working. Then I had to activate SSH which allows me to remotly acess the terminal and VNC which allows me to see and control my monitor from my computer. I did run into an issue where I had no working keyboard and just a mouse but I was able to overcome that with alot of copying and pasting. I also have a miror design.

First Milestone First Milestone

Project Reflection

Doing this program and completing my smart mirror not only taught me about enginneering, but also about myself. I learned that I really enjoy working with the hardware side of things. A large part of my project required coding and other software knowledge, but that’s the exact reason I chose it. I wanted to try a section of engineering that was outside my comfort zone to see if it was something I wantd to pursue in the future. Once I got to the customazation part of my project, I chose to add LED lights and that was the most fun part of the process for me. In the future I hope to pursue a career in engineering that lets me work mor with my hands.

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